Q. How are WPC & SPC Floors different from Laminate?

A. There are two main differences between WPC/SPC floors and Laminate floors.1. The core of laminate is made of compressed wood which can absorb water whereas the WPC/SPC cores are made of vinyl and stone which will not absorb water.

B. Laminates are made by imposing an image on top of a high-density fiber core with a wear-layer imposed on top of the image, whereas WPC/SPC products are made of a vinyl or stone core with a vinyl plank attached to it.


Q. Are WPC/SPC floors truly Waterproof?

A. Yes. They are completley made of material which is unaffected by water so they are perfect for putting in areas which are susceptible to water damage like kitchens and bathrooms.

Q. Can you put WPC/SPC in other areas not susceptable to water damage?

A. Yes. Often people will put WPC/SPC throught their house. There is no need to switch to a different type of flooring in the other areas of your house. This allows for consistency and uniformity in flooring throughout the house. However, you can use other types of flooring in your house if you want to.


Q. Can WPC/SPC be installed over my existing flooring?

A. Sometimes. It depends on the circumstances. We would have to look at your floor to know for sure. But if we can go over your existing floor then it could save you a significant amount of money and disruption of your house, especially if your existing floor is ceramic tile.


Q. How does the cost of WPC/SPC compare to the cost of Ceramic Tile or Hardwood?

A. This is the good news. The cost of putting in WPC/SPC is usually significantly less than hardwood or Ceramic Tile. In addition to this, sometimes (not always) WPC/SPC can be installed over existing flooring saving the expense of having to pull up the existing floor which can be significant.