Carpet FAQs

Q.Why is my new carpet shedding?

A. The balls of fluff, or loose fibers, found on carpet or in the vacuum cleaner bag are the normal result of fiber left in the carpet from the manufacturing process. Removing these loose fibers does not affect carpet life or appearance. Because of their large size, these fibers are too big to become airborne or to be breathed in. With proper vacuuming and using a quality vacuum cleaner, most shedding gradually disappears within the first year after installation.

Q. Why does my carpet seem to change color when I look at it from different directions?

A. Light reflects differently as the pile is pushed in different directions. Foot traffic generally causes this and the best solution is to sweep or vacuum the pile in a uniform direction.

Q. Some tufts are longer than others. What should I do?

A. Just snip the end to even the carpet surface. Never yank out long or loose ends as this can permanently damage your carpet. Ifa tuft becomes snagged or works loose, simply cut it off and let the surrounding yarn fill in the space.

Q. What can I do about static?

A. When a room's relative humidity is very low, a static charge can buildup in your carpet as you walk across it. If this occurs, a humidifier or other commercially available products can help.

Q. How can I avoid permanent indentations?

A. Your carpet pile may compress due to heavy foot traffic or weight of furniture. Rotating furniture may help reduce indentations. You can work the pile back into place with the edge of a coin. Sometimes, passing a hot steam iron over the spot can also help, but keep the iron at least four inches above the carpet.