Area Rugs FAQS

Q. Should I use a rug pad?

A. It is a good idea to use a rug pad underneath any Area Rug, but not for the reason you may think. A rug pad is not intended to provide cushion underneath the Area Rug like it is with wall-to-wall carpeting. The purpose of a rug pad is to (1) protect the flooring underneath the rug and (2) keep the rug from moving. Any added cushion is a bonus. There are rug pads for carpeting and hard surface (hardwood, laminate, vinyl) and they are different, so make sure you get the right type of rug pad.



Q. Can I get a custom made rug and is it expensive?

A. Yes, and you will be surprised how inexpensive a custom rug can actually be.  Dalyn Rugs has a custom rug program in which you can choose from a large variety of patterns, sizes, shapes and colors to create a rug that is exactly the design you want with the exact colors you want at about the same price as any other rug of comparable size.  The choices are limitless.  This program allows you to create the perfect rug for any room or decor.  Come on in to Valley Flooring Carpet One Santa Maria and allow one of our friendly and knowledgable Sales Professionals show you the program and help you create the perfect rug.

Another option for custom rugs is to order a piece of broadloom carpet from the samples in our carpet showroom and have us cut it to the size and shape you need and then bind the edges for you.  We sell a lot of these types of custom rugs. If you have any more questions about this we would be glad to answer them for you.  We'll be waiting.  You really do have to see our showroom to believe it.


Q. What is the difference between the types of Area Rug fibers?

A. NYLON is the most durable of all the synthetic carpet fibers.  Its durability and ease of maintenance make it the choice for many people especially those with pets and children.  The benefits of nylon include appearance retention, fade and heat resistance, soil and stain resistance, and color and styling.

WOOL has a very elegant and luxurious look and feel to it. WOOLholds up well to foot traffic and has a moderate level of natural soil and stain resistance. WOOLis also very resistent to mold and mildew. One downside is that WOOL carpet tends to shed.  This is to be expected and should be taken into consideration by anyone considering to buy a wool product.

POLYPROPYLENE(also known as OLEFIN), is generally used where resistance to sunlight fading and chemicals is more important than durability to traffic.OLEFINfiber is highly stain, fade, static, mold, and mildew resistant, so it can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.  It’s resistance to matting and crushing is not as good as nylon fiber or wool, however it is less expensive.


Q. What shapes can I get?

A. You can get a custom rug in just about any shape you want, however the pre-made rugs most of the time are rectangular but can be square, oval, heaxagon, round, octagon and more.  Some rugs even come with freeform or scalloped edges.  We have a special section in our showroom for special shapes.  Just ask about specially shaped rugs when visiting our showroom.