Area Rugs
Care & Maintenance


The life of your rug will be lengthened with regular maintenance. This includes vacuuming, and regular cleaning by a professional, quickly addressing spills and stains, and regular rotation of the rug. Also be aware that direct sunlight can cause a rug to fade and reduce its useful life. 

Vacuum every few days in high traffic areas, and once a week in less-used areas. Most rugs today have been treated for stain and soil resistance, but remember that stain resistant does not mean "stain proof." Address spills quickly and remove them as soon as possible. 

Have your rug cleaned on a regular basis, before it begins to show soil. Your rug should be cleaned by a professional every 1 to 3 years depending on wear. Obviously, rugs in area with more heavy traffic will require cleaning more often than those with less traffic. 

Your rug should be rotated once per year, especially in heavily trafficked areas. This will help the rug to wear more evenly. 

A good quality pad can extend the life of your rug. It can also prevent slipping accidents as well as protect the floor underneath the rug. 

Sometimes rugs will have cleaning and care instructions on the back of the rug. If your rug does, then follow those instructions because they are recommended specifically by the manufacturer for you particular rug.