Laminate Care & Maintenance


Care of laminate flooring is relatively easy. It brings the beauty of a natural wood floor and the easy maintenance of a resilient floor together so you can have the style you want and the carefree maintenance you need. While laminate flooring is remarkably durable, there is of course no such thing as an indestructible flooring material. By observing the following laminate floor care & maintenance precautions, you can expect years of beauty from your laminate floor.

Laminate Floor Care

For general cleaning, use a dust mop or wipe occasionally with a dampcotton or cloth mop. If heavier cleaning is needed, an occasional damp mopping with a mild cleaning product is suggested. Do not use soap or detergent-based cleaners, wax-based products, or any type of polish asthey leave a dull, filmy residue. Do not flood your floor with water.

 To help eliminate fine particles of dirt and grit that act like sandpaper and will scratch any floor, vacuum or sweep daily. The vacuum head must bea felt or brush type. Be certain that the wheels of the vacuum are clean and do not damage the finish. It is important to remeber: DO NOT USE A VACUUM WITH A BEATER BAR HEAD.

Laminate Floor Maintenance

Remove spills promptly using a soft cloth and cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer. Be sure to keep pet nails trimmed and paws clean and free of dirt and gravel that may scratch your floor.

Place protective pads beneath furniture legs, tables, and other easily movable furniture to reduce scratches. Replace plastic casters on chairs with rubber wheels, and lift rather than slide heavy objects across the floor.

Remove shoes with spiked or damaged heels before walking on the floor. Spiked or stiletto high-heel shoes may cause damage to laminate floors due to the extremely high compressive force they generate. Such footwear can produce dynamic loads in excess of 1000 pounds per square inch, even when worn by someone of slight or average build.

 As added protection, use dirt-trapping walk-off mats at all exterior doors to help keep sand, dirt, and grit off your laminate floor. General Terms and Conditions may apply, see warranty section for details.