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Laminate vs. Hardwood Flooring


Durability - Hardwood floors do tend to dent and scratch more than laminate floors. Laminate floors are very resistant to dents and scratches, but they are not immune to them. Laminate floors can be dented or scratched. They can also be chipped. Also laminate floors cannot be easily repaired after being damaged. If there is significant damage, it may require replacing the entire floor.


Hardwood floors can also fade if they are in areas with a lot of direct sunlight. Laminates do not fade as much in sunlight and are generally more stain-resistant than hardwood.


As a rule of thumb, hardwood flooring is generally expected to significantly outlast laminate flooring. However, the longevity of a hardwood floor depends greatly on how well it is maintained. A well-maintained hardwood floor can last many, many years, whereas a laminate floor is expected to last from 10 to 20 years.


Installation - The installation of hardwood floors requires a certain level of expertise, is fairly difficult, and is not usually recommended as a do-it-yourself project. Laminate floors are installed by clicking together planks using a locking system over a cushion of underlayment. Laminate is much easier to install than hardwood, so if you are planning to install it yourself you might consider choosing laminate over hardwood.


Appearance & Performance - Even though laminates are basically photographs of hardwood, tile, or stone, you might be surprised to see how realistic many of the better quality laminates look. Many of these are virtually indistinguishable from the hardwood or tile they are intended to imitate. But then again, the stunning beauty of real hardwood is quite impressive. The variation and sometimes the texture and rich color of ceratin hardwoods can not be accuratley represented in a laminate.


Hardwood is usually glued, nailed or stapled directly to the subfloor giving it a solid look and feel. But laminate is installed over a cushion as a floating floor which can give it a hollow feel and sound as you walk across it. However this can be greatly minimized by using a better quality underlayment. Our friendly sales professionals would be happy to show you about the different laminate underlayments we offer.


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